Split:Mercan 34

Mercan 34
  • 2014
  • 10,35 m
  • 3,05 m
  • 0,45 m
  • 4500 kg
  • 320 HP
  • 21 kts
  • 33 kts
  • yes
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Mercan 34
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Mercan 34 is super spacious speedboat that is perfect choice for those that live to the fullest and would like to enjoy water sports. The boat has great stability on water which is rather important for providing parasail towing service. Equally important, if not even more important, is the fact that it is extremely manageable since it has very responsive steering system. The entire Mercan 34 silhouette is very modern and provides very good visibility from the steering position. Control console is placed half way between bow and stern, and since the boat is driven standing up, steering wheel is placed rather high to ensure the boat is operated safely. Cockpit is organized as wide central passage with benches on both sides. Large storage benches offer place to keep life jackets and water sports equipment. The boat has high sides so there is no need for the fence on the top of the bow. The deck has secure anti-slip surface. On the stern there is no equipment to avoid possible inconveniences with the parachute.

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